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We are going to out of business from June 2024 

This maybe temporary and  may open in the future.

We are going to make announcement on facebook  

Thank you for your support 


2020年 7月よりご愛玩いただきましたひなたは5月末で一旦 営業を



ご案内はFacebook, 当サイトでご確認下さいませ。

Noria wine

Noria Wines balance the quiet shifts in flavor found in Japanese cuisine.


We'd like to introduce Japanese wines from California which perfectly match Hinata's cuisine.

“Sensai in Japanese describes when something is nuanced, sophisticated and infused with subtle details. I strive to create wines that reflect this sensibility."

~ Nori Nakamura, Winemaker 


Sauvignon blanc Russian River Valley

Sauvignon Blanc modeled after a style of Japanese sake called “Dai-Gingo”. Brilliant aromas of grapefruit, lime, pear, a hint of lychee, orange zest, bay leaf, flintstone, lemongrass, and pistachio.  Refreshing flavor jumps out of a glass and lingers long.  Vibrant yet delicate acidity balanced well with a supple mouthfeel. Lively and smooth


Chardonnay  Sonoma Coast

Chardonnay modeled after a style of Japanese sake called “Junmai-Ginjo”. Elegant aromas of apricot, lime, golden apple, honeysuckle as well as nuances of cardamom, tarragon, and basil.  The decorous citrus flavor quickly develops on the palate. Lush, vibrant acidity is balanced well with a voluptuous mouthfeel. Hints of honey, caramel, and bay leaf add complexity and melt into a long finish.  Elegant and complex.


Pinot Noir Russian River Valley

Pinot noir made to express “Sensai”(sensitiveness). Intense aromas of raspberry, violet, a hint of dark cherry, rose-petal, and seductive bouquets of cedar, white pepper, and caramel. Fragrant entry. Stylish, refreshing red berry flavor quickly expands on the palate. Vibrant acidity and silky mouthfeel melt into an elegant, long finish.  A hint of sweet oak and spice notes add nuance and complexity. Pure and delicate.

日本食に合うワインを目標に日本人醸造家 中村倫久(ノリヒサ)氏が設立。透き通るような透明性と繊細さを持ちながら芯のしっかりした味わいを併せ持ち、バランスを失わない。日本人が手がける繊細な和食との最良の組み合わせをお楽しみください。

Sauvignon blanc Russian River Valley



Chardonnay  Sonoma Coast



Pinot Noir Russian River Valley


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about hinata

about hinata

Hinata is offering authentic Japanese cuisine. Our locally-hired staff will give you considerate service.  Please enjoy the beauty and flavor of the dishes in a modern Japanese interior setting.  We are committed to providing our best effort for your dining experience.  Please feel free to ask any questions to our staff. We would truly appreciate your feedback.

Enjoy your unique dining experience.

Owner Nobu Nakajima 


オーナー 中島 信治



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